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 TurboCAD Africa Website Launch



Share your TurboCAD story;


TurbCAD Africa has a new home - We would love to hear from you! Share your unique story with us on how TurboCAD makes your life easier.


Include one of your drawings with a short description on how it was done.


Please email your story and/or images or videos of your design to We will post it on our website and social media. We will also send you a link to share the post on your social media accounts.

 Read Henk van Eeden’s story with his amazing video of this Hypocycloid Engine:

TurboCAD has been our CAD package of choice because it was affordable.  Our main application of CAD is in the mechanical engineering design and manufacturing environment.  We are a micro-enterprise and it is crucial to use a design system that is affordable, user friendly and training is readily available.  We find the mechanical design tools in TurboCad like Gear Contour and the Animation Lab plug-in extremely helpful.  A lot of our work revolves around conceptual design of mechanical systems which results in 3D printed models as well as CNC cutting and machining.  Animation LAB together with TurboCad's realistic rendering allows us to present projects in a cost effective and professional manner.  
The animation of the Hypo-Cycloid engine mechanism was done as part of a development that's manufactured in our workshop.  In our efforts to animate the movement with Animation Lab we found that it was possible to synchronize the linear movement of the piston with the rotation of the crank gear - although we found some comments on the subject that suggested it could not be done.  The same can be done with a "traditional" crank-piston configuration.  The animation considerably reduces the amount of explaining to be done to people who wants to know how the Hypo-Cycloid engine mechanism works.


TurbpCAD Pro Platinum 2017 New Features



New TurboCAD Pro Platinum 2017 allows users to use existing 3D models to create a smooth surface mesh (SMesh). This technique, also known as Sub-D modeling, gives users control over the resolution, smoothness and more, allowing for easier and more rapid creation of organic shapes. A variety of new and improved modification tools added to New TurboCAD Pro Platinum 2017 enhance user ability to select which faces of a SMesh Object to work on, giving our SMesh features even more power. Read on for details and subscribe today! 


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Nearly 50 New Features! Including the following:


New & Improved SMesh Tools


Combine and Joint Adjacent Coplanar Faces Merge SMeshs (watch video) Create a Volumetric Object from a Planar SMesh Add or Delete Facets from a SMesh (watch video) Improved Node Selection of SMesh Objects UV Mapping of SMesh Objects (see example






Upcoming TurboCAD Training Courses





2D: 14 - 16 Aug. 2017

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3D: 17 - 18 Aug. 2017

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2D: 22 -23 Aug. 2017

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3D: 24 - 25 Aug. 2017

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TurboCAD Africa New Website Launch
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