3D Modelling:

Specialised support and guidance
People in the business of drafting, designing, architecture and engineering have one thing in common:  They all strive to present
their plans in the most efficient and professional way.  Therefore, TurboCAD Training & Support takes pride in the fact that we
specialise in many fields of 2D/3D CAD drawing services, making your attempt to be efficient a reality.  We are there from the very
initial phase of conceptual design and layout, right through to the analysis of projects and are even confident when it comes to
engineering. We envision 2D/3D CAD sketch solutions, layouts and projects in the field of Mechanical, Architectural, Electrical, Civil
and whichever field wishes to make use of our services.

We consist of a board of experienced and skilled people that dream with our clients to make their visions become reality. 
TurboCAD Training & Support take 2D CAD drawings, designs and concepts of our clients and convert existing 2D drawings and
designs to 3D CAD drawings and designs.  We equip designers with the means to convert Paper to CAD, PDF to CAD, jpeg to
CAD and TIFF to CAD.  With last mentioned possibilities you need not wish you could envision your renovated structure, you can
actually see what it will look like in reality. 

All our 2D and 3D services are aimed at cutting out time consuming processes.  At the same time we make sure that you do not
waste money in designing and drafting.  Thus, we ensure that the stress that comes with designing processes is eliminated.  The
TurboCAD Training & Support team is trained and confident in understanding your designs and how to streamline them.  We are
specialists and by means of our computer aided design programmes we can adapt sketches and multifaceted drawings into
remarkable 2D/3D CAD designs.

3D Modelling from 2D drawings
Isn’t it just exciting to know that you can transform your 2D drawings and designs into 3D drawings and designs?  The 2D and 3D
Conversions specialises in providing you, the customer, with 3D graphics modes conversions. We implement hi-tech and up-to-the-
minute design processes in our models to guarantee our users the best quality products.

TurboCAD Training & Support provides help and support in converting 2D drawings to 3D drawings, modelling legacy 2D
wireframe, as well as changing existing hand drawn components and assemblies into 3D Computer Automated Drawings (CAD)
parametric solid models and assemblies.  If you are chasing a dream of developing new products, the use of the 2D and 3D
Conversions is just what you need.

Why invest in 2D to 3D conversion?
• Converting to 3D is less expensive - you can cut capital investments (Hardware and software).

• You will be able to eliminate recovery costs due to the loss of damaged data.

• You can ensure that you have safe and protected storage of your intellectual property.

Conceptual 3D modelling
Whether it is 3D solid models or 3D surface models, TurboCAD Training & Support will also be eager to offer a competitive
concept 3D modelling service. A concept model represents the real McCoy as imagined by the designer.   Although it is a
theoretical idea that represents something with a set of variables and a set of logical and quantitative relationships between them it
still represents the real thing.  A concept model is fabricated to help in rationalising ideas while coming up with the real thing.  With
Conceptual 3D modelling the designer or company can envisage, re-model and re-design until the final product is assembled.
2D Drafting:

TurboCAD calls all architects, draftsmen, designers, interior architects and home designers.  We offer the programmes, solutions and
assistance needed in drafting  your home, offices, outside areas, and so much more.  Designing floor plans has become easier and
the process even faster. 

Professional Floor plans and buildings
If you are looking for solutions in designing and drafting floor plans, TurboCAD Training & Support has the answer.  We make sure
that you get the finest flexible designs for your floor plan.  Our experience and contact in the field of floor plan drafting services makes
us so well-informed and experienced that we are ready to give answers and solutions to the difficulties of many clients here and

The floor plan designing and drafting options of TurboCAD will make the design of floor plans simple and remove the fuss from your
designing tasks.  This is because the digitally designed plan can be modified and adjusted within a short span of time.  These digital
prototypes permit our clienteles to view a designed object in 3D format from any angle or perspective.  This provides you with the sure
knowledge of what your structure and design will look like ultimately.  Should you want to add personalised touches to your drafted
plan or layout, our drafting programme will supply you with options to ensure your design is custom-made.  At TurboCAD it is our main
aim to ensure that our services add efficiency to our customer’s projects.
You request, we provide - no matter how wide!
Our experienced and skilled team of professionals strive to combine high standards and guidelines in both our services and CAD
drawings.  We consider ourselves as specialists at TurboCAD Training & Support.  Therefore we dedicate ourselves to 2D/3D CAD
drawing services which range from conceptual design and layout to analysis and engineering.  We are proud of the wide range of 2D
and 3D CAD drawing solutions we offer at TurboCAD Training & Support.  We offer help, guidance and support in the field of
Mechanical, Architectural, Electrical, Civil, etc. TurboCAD Training & Support can even provide assistance when you want to convert
existing files and drawings to other formats:

This includes:
• 2D CAD drawings and designs to 3D CAD, or
• Paper to CAD, or
• PDF to CAD, or
• jpeg to CAD, or
• TIFF to CAD,

In addition to this we also provide cost effective, worthwhile and time efficient 2D/3D CAD drawing services to our clients.  At
TurboCAD Training & Support we have the know-how to understand your needs.  We convert drafts, plans and sketches, even
complex paper drawings into a set of complete 2D/3D CAD drawings.  As they say, your wish is our command!  Providing
customised solutions to clients is our forte.

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