Premium, Professional 2D/3D CAD Software
TurboCAD Pro Platinum is the top of the line CAD solution for professionals. The speed and technology of TurboCAD Pro for 2D/3D
drafting, detailing, modeling, rendering, and file sharing is enhanced with advanced tools for greater control and flexibility.

Key Features & Benefits
•     Advanced architectural tools including simple BIM, parametric doors, windows, slabs, roofs, stairs, and rails, compound walls, 
      schedules, and powerful section and elevation tools.
•    Advanced mechanical tools including more robust 3D surface and ACIS® solid modeling tools, smooth surface mesh tools, and
•    Part Tree acts like a selective Undo/Redo.
•    Parametric Constraint Tools-geometric, dimensional, midpoint and patterns / associative arrays.
•    UV Mapping to create more realistic renders.
•    Ruby Scripting and SDK programming.
•    Compatible with over 35 industry standard file formats including AutoCAD .DWG, .DXF, Sketchup .SKP, IFC for simple BIM,       
      3D .PDF, .STL for 3D printing.

Why Choose TurboCAD Pro Platinum
•    Premium, professional features you want at a more affordable price
•    Low learning curve, especially when switching from other CAD
•    Advanced architectural and mechanical toolsets for greater control and flexibility
•    Exceptional performance features for superior productivity
•    Outstanding File Compatibility
Powerful Performance
TurboCAD Pro is delivered in a 64-bit version to load, process, and render files of nearly any size. (32-bit version is also delivered
if required by your hardware.) The Turbocharged drawing engine takes advantage of GPU-based graphics cards for smooth
zooming, panning, rotating, and moving as you design. And multi-threading takes advantage of multi core processors for lightning
fast calculations.

Fast Drafting & Detailing
TurboCAD Pro is rich in fundamental drawing tools and drawing aids that speed design. Quickly and easily create views and
viewports of any size and shape. Access extensive paper space and printing capabilities, a multi-select drawing tool, marker and
schedule tools, leaders, multi-leaders, dimension tools, and symbols content. 

Extraordinary Drafting Palette
Create associative 2D sections based on standard views or sectional planes of 3D surface or ACIS® solid models, including
XREFs, and more! With more than 15 file formats for 3D models supported that may be opened directly, imported, or included via
Xref that the Drafting Palette will recognize, TurboCAD Pro is a fabulous companion product. 

Optimized for 3D Printing
TurboCAD Pro both reads and writes STL files, the standard in 3D Printing world. TurboCAD Pro 3D printing features include
surface simplification controls and a 3D Print button for 3D Systems printers.

Architectural Tools
TurboCAD Pro includes an integrated suite of architectural tools that accelerate productivity in design and drafting, or in the
documentation of existing compatible architectural models. The architectural objects are AutoCAD® Architecture (ACA)
compatible so that .DWG models with ACA extensions may be read, modified, and documented as needed. TurboCAD Pro
architectural tools include Wall, Window, Door, Roof, Stair, Marker, Schedule, and Terrains, with many more in TurboCAD Pro
Platinum. And all the architectural objects have both 2D and 3D representations, so that elevations, floor plans, and ISO views are
easier to document. 

Mechanical Tools & 3D Modeling
•    TurboCAD Pro includes a complete set of 3D drawing and editing tools, surface modeling tools, and powerful  \ 
      ACIS® solid modeling tools, making it ideal for both single part and small assembly mechanical designs.
•    3D drawing primitives - Box, Rotated Box, Sphere, Hemisphere, Cylinder, Torus, Wedge, Cone, Polygonal, Prism
•    3D Editing and Modification Tools - Sweep, Extrude, Revolve, Loft Facet, Edit Booleans, Quick Pull
•    Assembly Tools - Axis, Facet, 3-Points, Tangents, Edge & Point
•    Specialized Mechanical Object Tools - Thread, Pipe, Bolt
•    More available with TurboCAD Pro Platinum.

Powerful Parametric Constraints
Often referred to as variational sketching, the D-Cubed™ 2D DCM constraint manager from Siemens Industry Software Limited
gives you greater control and productivity. By setting up constraints, you get more done, create part families faster, incorporate red-
line changes more quickly, and have the flexibility to evaluate different designs with ease. Access a host of geometric and
dimensional constraints in TurboCAD Pro, as well as mid-point and pattern constraints with TurboCAD Pro Platinum. 

TurboCAD Pro includes tools necessary to rapidly annotate your designs. The Drafting Palette accelerates creating Views,
Sections, Elevations, Floorplans, and Detail Views in numerous display styles. A full range of Dimension types that are style driven
are available as well as Tables, Text, and Multi-Text tools as expected. Plus, dimension scaling in Viewports within a paper space
is automatic.

Symbols Library
TurboCAD Pro comes complete with a number of sample symbols as well as a much larger collection of parametric parts. This
program also includes several special parametric symbols used in certain types of annotation that help in communicating with

Parametric Parts Manager
Create and consume parts that remain parametrically controlled even after insertion into your drawing. There is also a method to
draw variably constrained parts and convert them to parametric parts using a wizard. Because the parts can be saved individually,
like a symbol, libraries of .PPM objects can be created, shared, and reused from project to project.

Easy Design Director
The Design Director palette streamlines work and enhances productivity with advanced controls for Layers, Layer Filters, creating
Layer Sets, setting and saving Work Planes, controlling Named Views, and more.

Rendering & Visualization
TurboCAD Pro includes the Redway3d Redsdk drawing and rendering engine to speed design work and create stunning
presentations. This drawing engine utilizes the power of supported on-board GPU or graphics boards for faster panning, zooming,
and orbiting.  It also provides photorealistic and artistic rendering capabilities for presenting your designs. 

Lighting & Materials
A material editor, along with a complete library of materials, is included with TurboCAD Pro to define physically accurate materials,
including reflective surfaces with ray tracing and radiosity. There is also support for lighting and luminance. Redsdk will substitute
the materials and lighting of images previously rendered with Lightworks.

External References (Xrefs)
All of the file formats that may be opened and imported, except bitmap images, may be used as an external reference (Xref).
TurboCAD offers Xref clipping for dozens of file formats and binding of Xrefs, which can then be exploded and edited. Xref layers
are also easy to manage, including with layer filters. 

Software Developers' Kit (SDK)
TurboCAD Pro lets you extend the functionality of the application with the ability to develop new tools, functions, and behaviors.
Custom routines that are performed on a regular basis can be automated. Specific tools for vertical applications can be created
and added. Even commercial plug-in applications may be developed and sold. Updated documentation and samples are provided
and there is a wiki and forum-based support online.

File Interoperability
TurboCAD makes it easy to maintain your intellectual property investment and share your work. TurboCAD Pro supports export of
3D models to 3D .PDF which can be viewed interactively with Acrobat Reader. Plus, users can open, insert, or embed up to 35 file
formats and export up to 28, including .DWG, .DXF (from R14 through 2015 including AutoCAD® Architecture extensions), .SKP
(SketchUp™, to version 2015), .3DM (Rhinoceros®), .3DS (Autodesk® 3ds Max®), IGES, STEP, .OBJ, COLLADA (.DAE -
export); and many more. 
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