Using Basic Analysis

The designer can design a model on the computer which helps the draftsmen or designer to visualise it on the screen.  This model
can then be analysed and tested before the actual manufacturing takes place.  This supplies the designer with specific results and
creates a better end result.  It can be altered again and again.   This is successfully used and refined in the design of new products.

It helps to visualise the client’s specifications preceding the manufacturing of the product. Modifying and altering an existing product
is used to meet the specified requirements, preparing the product for a new service condition.
Two types of analysis are available:
2D modelling:   Its simplicity allows it to be run on a normal computer.  While it is simple to use it can have less accurate results.

3D modelling: This software produces more accurate results and consists of more special analysed software.

Benefits of Finite Element Analysis Simulation:
•  It enables the designer to accurately assess the performance and safety of any design before   the production and assembly of it. 
   Thus it is not necessary to assemble a prototype, the testing and analysis is done without effort.

• Detect design faults early and improve on them.

• If analysis is done beforehand it will reduce the cost of materials and produce the best product and performance results.

• Add the benefit of rapid production and ensure proper marketing.

• Decrease development costs.

Applications of Finite Element Analysis Services:
• Stress Analysis
• Vibration Analysis
• Thermal Analysis
• Seismic Analysis
• Impact & Crash Analysis

Site survey:
Our services are not just static and confined to our offices.  TurboCAD Training & Support also offer support and guidance on site.  We are often required to visit sites to perform site surveys and measurements.  We gladly respond to requests to visit sites.

We have been involved in many projects and industries and have worked in the following fields and industries:
• Metal processing
• Structural & steelwork
• Mine industry

As we strive for excellence, we will gladly assist you if you have design problems that involve site measuring.  Our team will also be more than happy to conduct a site survey and solve your problems for you!

Structural Steel Detailing
TurboCAD also offers assistance in structural steel design and detailing.  The characteristics and properties of this extremely
versatile construction of drawings done by a detailer will give you all the detail concerning a concept or a structure that the client
wants to erect on site, all at the clients request. The designed drawing consists of a basic structure of dimensions and notes as well
as general notes to help or guide the company or engineer who is about to erect or fabricate steel.  It will also guide the drafter to
better understand what needs to be done in reinforcing a steel structure or design.  Not only is a general layout drawn up but also
general arrangement drawings are done to satisfy the client’s requirements.  These layouts and structural draftings supply structural
detailing that is as precise, unambiguous and clear-cut as possible in order to give an improved illustration of the client’s needs and

Drafting is an attempt to communicate how something works in a visual way.  It also attempts to draw up plans of how something
has to be constructed.  In essence drafting wants to convey information by means of a picture or a graph.  A draftsmen’s design can
be an initial plan or design of a structure.  It can include bolts and screw or any infinite range of items, components, structures,
machines, pipes, pumps, gantries etc.

Artists draw sketches of how they perceive things around them.  A draftsmen’s drawing will convey the accurate and true
appearance of a building, structure or machine as it appears in the real world.  Yet, it will give the needed information in erecting
and connecting a structure.  It will also be done in detail to make it easier to understand and follow.  A detailer is paid to make it
easier to understand a drawing.  A meeting will be scheduled where the detailer will convey the important facts concerning the
drawing to the client.  The detailer will describe and discuss this by means of a drawing where the client has a picture to determine
if the detailer has implemented his wishes.  The client will also be able to indicate his changes on the drawing.  As the clients wish
is our command, the detailer will then have to re-draw what has to be changed and as the client necessitates.

Workshop Drawings
The following 2D drafting work may seem obvious, yet there are companies that use 3D packages to implement it. At TurboCAD
Training & Support we apply the following 2D editing when necessary in every project:

o Dimensions are cleaned up which results in tidy, easy-to-read plans.
o When drawings are revised the revision description is added.
o Bill of materials is understandable and complete.
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