2D Training:

TurboCAD Training and Support is an accredited IMSI Training facility.

Course content:

Module 1

1. Graphics editor and user interface
    Model space; cursor / crosshairs; Toolbars, menus and palettes; Inspector Bar - data fields; Properties sheet; Keyboard shortcuts 
    for snap modes.

2. Standard drawing settings
    Layer Management - Create, add colour, line type; Orthographic and Isometric grid; User defined Templates.

3.Coordinate Systems
   Relative, Absolute and Polar coordinates

Module 2

1. Drawing Tools
    Line Geometry:
    Line; Polyline; Polygon; Irregular polygon; Rectangle; Rotated Rectangle; Perpendicular line; parallel line; Lines tangent to and from   
    arcs; Multi lines

2. Circle and Ellipse Geometry:

    Circle-Radius; Circle-Diameter; Circle- 3 Point; Circle Tangent to Arc; Circle Tangent to Line; Circle Tangent to 3 Arcs; Circle
    Tangent to Entities;

3. Arcs:
    Arc-Radius; Arc-Diameter; Arc-Length; Arc- 3 Point; Arc Tangent to Arc; Arc Tangent to Line; Arc Tangent to 3 Arcs; Arc Tangent to

4. Ellipses:
    Ellipse; Rotated Ellipse; Fixed Ratio Ellipse.

5. Curves:
    Spline; Bezier curves; sketch curve; revision cloud

Module 3

1. Construction entities
    Horizontal / vertical / angular construction lines; parallel and perpendicular construction; circle construction entities.

2. Points of Geometry
    (Object snap modes)
    Centre; Intersection; Project; Middle; Nearest; Quadrant; Vertex; Centre of Extents; Grid; Opposite; Extended orthogonal; apparent  

3. Object Selection & Handling
    Single and multiple object selection, window, crossing, fence selection. Selection by specific criteria .
    Object handling:
    Copy; move; rotate; scale; transform.

Module 4

1. Object Modification:
    Line Length; Meet 2 Lines; Shrink/Extend line; Chamfer; Fillet; Object split; Stretch.

2. Object Duplication:
    Copy, Mirror, Radial Copy, Rectangular Array, Linear Array.

Module 5

1. Measurement tools
    Coordinate of a point; distance (linear and delta) ; Angle; Area; Perimeter; Information palette with radius, specific length info act.
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