3D Training:

TurboCAD Training and Support is an accredited IMSI Training facility.

Course content:

Module 1

1. 3D Setup: Toolbars; Display Mode; ACIS Setup.

2. The Coordinate system: World Coordinate and User Coordinate System.

3. Orthographic and Isometric Views.

4. Work planes: Show/Hide Work plane, Plane by Active View, Plane by World, Plane by Entity, Work plane by 3 points, Edit Current 
    Work plane, Work plane Origin, Work plane by Facet, Show Hide Work plane Intersection.

5. 3D Selector Properties: Reference Point, Rotator Handles, Selector Handles; Toggle 2D/3D

6. Building a 3D object using this segment’s tasks.

Module 2

1. Converting 2D Profiles to 3D objects ; 3D Thickness.

2. Solid Objects: 3D Box, Sphere, Hemisphere, Cone, Prism, Torus, Wedge, Cylinder, Polygonal Prism.

3. Building a 3D object using this segment’s tasks.

Module 3

1. Profile objects: Revolve, Loft, Extrude (Normal Path, Defined Path, Extrusion Twist)

2. Building an object using all the features discussed in today’s session.

Module 4

1. Discussion of the previous day’s tasks, problem solving act.

2. 3D Assembly: Assemble by 3 Points, Assemble by Edge and Point, Assemble by Facet.

3. 3D Modification: 3D Blend, Imprint; Sectioning a Solid, projection of profiles onto surfaces. Slicing a solid: Slice by 2/3 Points; Slice
    by Work plane

Module 5

1. 3D Boolean Functions: 3D Add, 3D Subtract, 3D Intersection, creating Regions.

2. Building and modifying a 3D solid using this segment’s tasks

Module 6

1. Deformable Modelling: Facet Editing, Pressure Load, Deform to Point.

2. Solid-Surface Transition: Creating: Surface from 2D profile, Solid from Surface, Surface from Solid, Solid from Facet

3. Material Properties, Rendering, creating a rendered scene environment.

4. Building and modifying a 3D solid using this segment’s tasks.

Module 7

1. Using dimensions on solids.

2. Creating decorative features to showcase the model, using flexible text.

3. Creating different views of the model, creative paper space layout.
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