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Access our digital learning content on a desktop or laptop at home, via the EGD Learning Portal. Then continue where you left off on your phone or tablet. Best of all, you can even download the content on your mobile device for offline access when you are not connected! We cater for both iOS and Android devices.

Engineering Graphics & Design Learning Material

TTS Solutions has created learning material / content based on the national Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS/SAGS) for the subject Engineering Graphics and Design (Grade 10), as provided by the Department of Basic Education for South Africa. We created our learning content using proven instructional principles and learning methods. This include the following:

  • E-Learning Module Overview Lessons
    Our E-learning lessons are created with Articulate Rise. The aim of these lessons are to explain new concepts to the learner. We explain concepts visually using images and video. Lessons are responsive, meaning they adapt to the screen size of any device.
  • Step Lessons
    Our Step lessons are step-by-step guides that replace any Grade 10 EGD textbook. These lessons are in PDF format and can be printed if needed.
  • Video Lessons for Each Step Lesson
    Our Video lessons are created by an experienced EGD teacher and follows the micro learning concept of not being longer than five minutes each.
  • Work Sheets / Exercises for Every Step Lesson / Class
    Our Work sheets are developed to test the learner’s understanding of the lesson and include question and answer sheets. These sheets are in PDF format and can be printed.

Our content can be delivered online or be provided on a custom delivery method to schools. We also offer special pricing to schools. Contact us for a proposal.

Learning material for grades 8 and 9 is also available. Grades 11 and 12 are in development and will be released when completed.

Join the EGD Learning Portal in 4 simple steps:

We require a parent to create an account and complete the purchase, as we need the parent’s consent for the learner to use our Learning Portal.

You will also receive an email with all the information. Follow the link in the e-mail or Welcome page to sign up on our Learning Portal. Your Learning Portal profile is separate from the TTS Solutions account that you created to purchase.

Your profile provides access to the Learning Portal and your content. Bookmark the link to the Portal in your browser so it’s always handy, and don’t forget to keep your username and password in a safe place.

Your content is now available on all your devices. You can even download it for offline learning on your phone or tablet. Note that you first have to create a profile on the Learning Portal before you can access the app.

Engineering Graphics and Design Courses

TTS-Solutions now offers learning content for the complete Engineering Graphics & Design
Curriculum for Grade 8-10, via a yearly subscription package.

All 2021 subscriptions end on 31 December 2021.

Gr. 8 Engineering Graphics and Design Learning Material
2021 Yearly Subscription

Gr. 9 Engineering Graphics and Design Learning Material
2021 Yearly Subscription

Gr. 10 Engineering Graphics and Design Curriculum 2021
Yearly Subscription

Benefits of our EGD Learning Portal:

Accessible on the go

Accessible on the go

Access learning content anywhere, anytime. Resume any in-progress courses that you started on desktop.

Offline use

Offline use

Download courses for offline usage and synchronise when online. Both iOS and Android apps support all our content.